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The first three years of your precious child’s life is a critical period in the development of their brain.
A child’s environment and interactions during this time play a vital role in the activation of brain cells and development of neural pathways.

At Bizi Babies, we love to be outside enjoying many adventures. Our unique play area has been designed to encourage independence, inspire problem solving and challenge our Bizi Babies to develop their gross motor skills.

The development of independence is very important as it promotes confidence as well as self-esteem. It gives your little one a sense of importance and belonging and also teaches them self-motivation. Problem solving is one of the most important skills children can develop and the earlier it begins to take place the better equipped they are to deal with challenges as they mature. Gross motor skills are an important part of early childhood development. Our Bizi Babies are encouraged to play on and make use of a variety of outdoor equipment, designed at challenging them, developing their gross motor skills and connecting those very precious neurons in the brain.


A few kind words from our parents

Bianca Venter
Mom of Ben
Gentle and trustworthy "mothers" who are solely focused on baby's development. I have seen tremendous growth in my boy and he sleeps a lot better since being at Bizi Babies
Kerry Joubert
Mom of Benjamin and Mila
Our children have flourished since starting their journeys at Bizi Babies. The highly qualified staff offer both a nurturing and educationally stimulating environment, where the children are encouraged to learn through play. We feel confident that our babies have been given the best start to life at this phenomenal home-away-from-home.
Donne Jacobs
Mom of Kai
We were very fortunate to find such an incredible development centre for our son Kai. He has developed in leaps and bounds. He has been at Bizi Babies since 9 months old and has been loved and nurtured from day one. Our hearts and minds are at ease daily knowing that he is in such a caring, loving and nurturing environment. I always recommend Bizi Babies and will continue doing so in the future.
Michele Oosterberg
Mom of Kylie
Bizi Babies is absolutely amazing! The love and care is shown in every aspect of the school. The teachers are so caring, and every child receives individualised attention, allowing them to thrive! The fine details in every lesson and theme are made so clear through the children’s excitement to learn. Lindsay and her team go above and beyond for every child! I feel that Bizi Babies has been the best experience for starting school, and I am so grateful for everything they have done for our little girl.
Monica Loy
Mom of Abigail
Bizi Babies play and stimulation centre has been so good for our daughter!She has learned so many new things. The activities are superb. I feel at peace leaving my daughter in their care on a daily basis. The curriculum is well planned and I can see the results in my daughter’s development. Thank you!!
Ruth Boshoff
Mom of Joshua
Our little boy has been at Bizi Babies for the past 16 months and he is SO happy there! The wonderful, friendly staff have loved him from day 1 and have provided excellent care, with patience and joy. He has been a bit slow in some of his development, and it has put my heart at ease, as a working mom (and an OT), to know that he is being encouraged and developed - at his pace - throughout the day. Each little achievement he makes is noticed and celebrated. I have been impressed with the interesting and fun activities and stimulation provided for the little ones, and how staff meet each child at the level they're at. We have truly missed Bizi Babies during lockdown, but have loved the versatile and fun activities in the activity box in the meantime!

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Meet our Team

We are incredibly blessed with an amazing team(family) at Bizi Babies. Each one dedicated to the wellbeing, growth and development of our precious Bizi Babies and each person bringing something very special to the team.

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay has always had a passion for working with children. After completing her Masters in play therapy, she worked with special needs children for 13 years. Training and exposure to techniques and approaches aimed at development of the neural pathways provided the perfect foundation for the play and stimulation curriculum at Bizi Babies.
  • Cathy
    Cathy AKA Granny is the Bizi Babies granny in every sense of the word. As “the granny” the babies get their fill of love and cuddles while gently being taught through play. Granny Cathy also worked with special needs children and gained great knowledge and skill in the importance of early learning. Cathy is certified in Birth to 2 years Play Based Learning.
  • Benita
    Our amazing Benita is a qualified level 5 ECD practitioner with over 7 years of experience. She is extremely passionate about her job and the love and care that she puts in to her work is evident in our happy children. Benita’s endless energy and contagious joy means that our Bizi Babies’ days are always filled with giggles, fun and adventure.
  • Olga
    Our precious Olga is a mother and grandmother and has been working with children for over 18 years. Olga’s warm and nurturing ways and her amazing sense of humour has our little Bizi Babies swarming around her like bees to a honeypot. Olga is certified in Baby and Childcare, Nutrition and Developmental Stimulation.
  • Mavis
    Our sweet, gentle Mavis is always smiling. Her love for our little Bizi Babies is endless. She recognises each and every little one’s strengths and unique personalities and works closely to help them develop these beautiful attributes. Mavis is certified in Advanced Child Care
  • Connie
    Our incredible Connie's passion and enthusiasm is obvious through her natural way with our little ones. Her qualification as well as her many years of experience are evident through the bonds that she has formed with the Bizi Babies as well as the many giggles and special moments that they share. Connie holds a Professional Diploma in ECD and looks forward to studying child psychology.
  • Ireen
    Ireen is such a dynamic and energetic team player. There is never any doubt of her commitment and love towards our babies and her caring nature exudes from her ever smiling face. She makes sure we are always entertained with her wonderful sense of humor and we are blessed to have her as one of our team members.
  • Nobuhle
    Our friendly, always helpful very special Nobuhle makes sure that everything is always in tip top condition for our Bizi Babies, so that they can learn and grow in a clean and healthy environment. Our babies love her as do we.